Blackness project Essay

Ryan DeLuca

April 7th, 2019

ENG 123

Dr. Drown

After watching and listening to the “whiteness project” I was shocked to think that this is how people in my age group think, some people are protected from seeing how brutal the world is and those people are the people that think there isn’t a huge race issue in America. There was another documentary created called “The blackness Project” this was created in response to the “Whiteness Project”. The “Blackness project” is made by interviewing black people and getting their opinions on what they think about race in American, some even shared their personal race experiences mostly about unfairness in the work place, a woman named Verniece says  “If you go into a bunch of folks, you’ll realize that we work just as hard if not harder, because often times my grandfather said you gotta be twice as good in order to get half the credit.” The work place is where a large majority of racism happens in my personal opinion, maybe not by colleagues but by customers thinking they can say whatever they want because they are the customer.

In the past racism was more apparent in the work place amoung colleagues and even bosses, black people wouldn’t get hired because of their skin color they would also be judged harder in an interview by the interviewer, this made some black more conscious about how they were perceived, there was a story about a black doctor who was getting dressed in her scrubs to start her shift and a white nurse came over to her and started asking her questions about her name and is she was a doctor or not, the white doctor didn’t believe that the black woman was a doctor so she took her I.D and reported her. After that experience the black doctor moved her I.D from her waist to her chest area to be more visible. Another story is about a black man who is a business entrepreneur, he dresses normal because he can dress normal if he wants to but, since he is black and dresses normal some people think he is “The Help” so he had to start dressing in more business casual rather than regular casual to avoid such a mistake happening again.

Race shapes people of color in a dramatic way, black people have to plan their lives around the fake concept of race

Essay 4

Ryan DeLuca

March 31, 2019

ENG 123

  1. Drown

Race has been an issue all around the world and there seems to be no definitive way to stop it. In my college writing class we examined multiple sources to try and come to a conclusion if race is even real and what ways people think about race that relate to reality and finally what it would take to put a stop to racism.

Racism was a part of history when the American constitution was being written there was slavery and suppression of people that weren’t white. Since then we have come a long way but still have some ground to cover. In my examination of race, I looked at the whiteness project to see what people close to my age thought about whiteness. Some of the words that people said were very eye opening one person named Connor who is white pointed out that he would have been in prison if he wasn’t white and thinks the reason the hammer hasn’t been brought down on him is because he’s white, Connor says “I always kind of knew that is I got in trouble I could get a lawyer, suit up, show up and it would be a slap on the wrist.” Connor has been arrested multiple times for possession of drugs but has never gotten charged or put in jail. Another person from the whiteness project named Wade who is also white has a different perspective, Wade seems to be ashamed of being white because of the awful things that have gone down in history because of white people, Wade says “The people that say the most awful things that ive ever heard in person are those people, are those white people that get drunk and sit at my bar and spout  off nonsense and makes me really disappointed that I have to be lumped into the same category as them.” Wade obviously knows there is a race issue and feels disappointed that he is categorized the same as those people that spout off nonsense. People around my age know there is a race issue everywhere not just in American, they are aware that they will have an easier time getting though the wild rollercoaster called life because they are white, so how do we accomplish a non-racist society?

One person seems to have the answer, his name is Steve Olson and he wrote an article about how mixed Hawaii is and if racial mixing would solve the problem of race he also talked about is race is genetic or if its mythological. In his article stated Hawaii’s high rate of intermarriage has painted the picture in our heads that in order for racial tensions to diminish everyone would need to be racially mixed. But Steve Olson proved this to be wrong. Olson says, “Despite the high rate of intermarriage here, ethnic and racial tensions haven’t really disappeared.” Although Hawaii has the highest rate of intermarriage people still think that there racial mixing is better than someone else’s racial mixing even though they all started in the same spot and more than likely have similar racial mixing. This makes the arrangement of mixing everyone racially would solve the race issue useless. People are raised to think that they have the best of the best even if there stuff isn’t that great, I’ve seen it first hand when someone thinks they something that is better than someone else’s and they flaunt it, same deal with racism people think there genes are superior even thought they might be prone to ingrown hairs or get a lot of hang nails.

I spent 5 with trump fans

Ryan DeLuca

March 28, 2019

ENG 123

Dr. Drow

The key beliefs of the Deep story on the Hochschild article are that there are cost and benefits to being white. A couple of the costs of being white according to the deep story is that there are people that cut in line and achieve the American dream with the governments help, those people came here either illegally or on a refugee ship and are getting government benefits while there are American citizens in poverty not being accepted into these programs. According to the Deep story there are also people receiving financial aid while the white people aren’t qualifying while they might have the same qualifications.

Economics has a huge impact on how people feel about certain parties and people. Some people don’t think that money should be redistributed or used to help people that aren’t citizens of the country or to help other people be more successful over the people that the money is being taken from. Economics and race for some reason are related, the reason economics and race are related is because it has to do with money redistribution and when money is redistributed it is done improperly and is given to people who don’t actually need it.

The Invention of Race

Ryan DeLuca

March 25, 2019

ENG 123

Dr. Drown

The Invention of Race

While I listened to the podcast “The Invention of Race” I kept in mind my meaning of race which is a means to classify people. The podcast talks about how race became a thing and who was the perpetrator that made one race more superior than the other. The Podcast also talked about how closely related we are to people of different colors and how we actually aren’t different at all, we all originated from the same area back before the continents split apart we were all black at one point, there was no difference in color but when we humans parted ways to colonize around the world there were different climates that didn’t require the dark skin anymore and over time the people in the less sunny colder climates slowly lost the darkness in there skin. There is also a claim that Race is biological and real, but scientist don’t agree and actually anthropolinguist from the 1940’s are the ones who made the statement that Race is real and one race is superior over the other. The first people who started suppressing other peoples because of the skin color and enslaved them were the westerners according to Suzanne Plihcik.

Steve Olson – Prewriting 2

Ryan DeLuca

March 21st, 2019

ENG 123

Dr. Drown

Steve Olson – Prewriting 2

The reason it is difficult to answer the questions whether someone is pure Hawaiian is difficult, Rebecca Cann explains why it is difficult to tell if someone’s ethnicity “The only way for a person to have mitochondrial DNA from a woman who lived in Hawaii before the arrival of Captain cook is for that person to have an unbroken line of grandmothers dating back to that woman.” Since present day Hawaiians are so mixed it’s difficult for geneticists like Cann to find their ethnicity because the DNA is so mixed and intertwined with so many other ethnicities.

The concept of race was created by humans to classify people to help organize people. Race according to biologists and geneticists isn’t real and is just a concept created by humans. Race is used a lot in politics to gain followers, certain parties use race in their campaign and say they will address the race problem. Some current presidential runners use race to attack the economy by calling it “racist” even though our system is fair game you just have to know how to use it. Another example of politicians using race to push them selves ahead by promising free everything and calming that the rich should be responsible for solving everyone’s problems. Politics has a very large influence on keeping Race alive because they keep talking about it and making it an issue

Eagle Cam Observations 3

Start: 9:50 pm

Both eagles are in the nest

The Chicks are moving around underneath their momma

The male eagle is perched on the branch behind the nest keeping watch

The birds seem to be annoyed about the bugs flying in their faces

The chick is up and looking around

one of the chicks is staring directly at the camera

Momma eagle is grooming one of the chicks

Chicks settled down and went back to sleep

End 10:05

Steve Olson – Pre-writing 1

Ryan DeLuca

March 20, 2019

ENG 123

Dr. Drown

Pre-writing 1 – Steve Olson

The implications of ethnic thinking that I think would be beneficial for everyone to take into account are that everyone is mixed, it doesn’t matter if your grandparents grandparents grandparents say that you are pure bread the likely hood that you are pure bread in this day in age is highly un-likely everyone is mixed with something weather it be culture are genes everyone is mixed. The other implication of ethnic thinking that everyone should take into consideration is everyone has the same skeleton, if you strip the skeleton of the flesh and organs so the only thing that’s left is the skeleton and compare the Skelton to other skeletons of different “races” and colors, the skeleton is relatively identical.

Hawaii’s high rate of intermarriage has painted the picture in our heads that in order for racial tensions to dimish everyone would need to be mixed. But in the article Steve Olson proved this to be wrong, Olson says, “Despite the high rate of intermarriage here, ethnic and racial tensions haven’t really disappeared.” Despite the amount of ethnic and racial mixing in Hawaii there is still tension, so if mixing everyone wont get rid of tensions then what will it take?

March 18th, 2019 – Lets Write

In what sense is “race” real? What would it take for there to be an end to racism?

  • Race is real when you are categorizing someone, the Government uses race to categorize people and we use race to categorize our selves. For there to be an end to racism there would need to be no trace of racism to begin with.  We would have to teach everyone that race is something that we created not nature.

My specific steps

Paper 3 feedback and what I plan to do for improvement:

What I am going to do better on the next paper is, use better context and better connect my ideas with the essential questions, as well as make sure you see the properly formatted paper, word press doesn’t translate my MLA formatting over when I copy and paste. I will also pay more attention to my comma errors. Overall I feel I need to better connect my writing with the essential questions to help stay on topic.

Essay 3 – Final

Ryan DeLuca

March 1, 2019


Dr. Drown


Our social identity isn’t shaped by ourselves, our social identity is created by the people around us, what our peers say and think will have an impact on our social identity. Our social identity very much effects our personal identity, it will reshape what we think but not necessarily how we feel, for example, you and a couple of friends may have never smoked before but one of them has, personally you may feel drugs are bad but since your friends want to try it you feel obliged to try it. Another way of thinking about social identity is how they shape our life paths, your personal identity may have you pointed in one direction, a life of wealth and prosperity, but since our social identity is so influential the social identity may point you in the opposite direction from wealth and prosperity to poverty and suffrage. The American dream can be accomplished in multiple different ways the other outlier that would keep you from becoming successful in the workspace is, drugs or a criminal record. From Coates to Rose they both were shaped by their neighborhoods but both in two different experiences with similar outcomes.

Coates was shaped by the violence surrounding him as well as his parents fear of seeing him consumed by the never-ending drugs and violence that’s present on the streets. Coates parents were especially scared for him and tried everything they could to keep him safe and on the right path to greatness. Coates parent’s used physical lessons to try and point him in the right direction, “I remember watching him in a kind of daze, awed at the distance between punishment and offense. Later, I would hear it in Dad’s voice—“Either I can beat him, or the police.”(pp.16) Coates parents did what they thought was right to ensure their son wouldn’t become a statistic. It was difficult to grow up black because in the decade Coates was a child blacks were still being suppressed, discriminated against and targeted simply because of their difference in skin color, Coates adds “Maybe that saved me. Maybe it didn’t. All I know is, the violence rose from the feet like smoke from a fire, and I cannot say weather that violence, even administered in fear and love, sounded the alarm or choked us at the exit.”(pp.17) Coates childhood wasn’t your regular childhood, in his tough neighborhood you had to grow up quickly or you were very likely to join or be killed by the streets. Coates experiences in his society when trying to create his personal identity, group violence, personal fear and physical abuse these all shaped Ta – Nehisi Coates into the man he is now.

Mike Rose had a similar but different experience growing up. Rose parents moved from Italy to American in hopes of starting a better life for themselves, when Rose parents first came to America they lived on the east side of America. His mother and father opened a spaghetti house in Pennsylvania that was successful up until the railroad had to stop production in the area then the shop had gone bankrupt. Rose says, “My parents managed to salvage seven hundred dollars and, on the advice of the family doctor, headed to California, where the winters would be mild and where I, their seven-year-old son, would have the possibility of a brighter future.”(pp.12) Rose had an easier childhood, it was a dreamy childhood but he had the chance to be a kid longer, he was lucky enough that his parents would buy him stuff to stimulate his creativity such as a chemistry set he received on Christmas one year, “One early Christmas they got me a small chemistry set. My father brought home an old card table from the secondhand store, and on that table, I spread out my test tubes, my beaker, my Erlenmeyer flask, and my test tubes, my gas-generating apparatus.”(pp.19) Rose had a childhood that wasn’t filled with fear of being jumped or being caught in gang violence because he didn’t fit the criteria so the gang members in his area left him alone. It was much easier to grow up light-skinned, being light skinned during this time meant you weren’t discriminated against, suppressed or targeted. That doesn’t mean he didn’t have dangers lurking around his neighborhood.

The types of danger in Rose neighborhood were similar to Coates but the surrounding gangs didn’t have any interest in Rose if anything happened to Rose it would have most likely been an accident. There was one story Rose was telling about what he experienced in his neighborhood, “One night I watched as a guy sprinted from Walt’s to toss something on our lawn. The police were right behind, and a cop tackled him, smashing his face into the sidewalk. I ducked out to find the packet: a dozen glassine bags of heroin.”(pp.17) Rose came in contact with drugs not only with this situation but with the people that were living with him at the time, one of the guy’s name was Lester, “… Lester, the toothless cabbie, who several times made overtures to me and who, when he moved, left behind a drawer full of syringes and burnt spoons.”(pp.16) Not only did he have drugs around him he also had an old man asking for sexual favors. Rose and Coates had similar dangers during the course of their childhood’s, but Rose was out to find danger while danger found Coates they both found their way up and out of these dangerous neighborhoods.

Rose neighborhood compared to Coates sound very similar, they both have a crazy neighborhood shop owner, they both have groups of “bad boys” also called gangs who roam the streets causing trouble. Coates dangers were more likely to consume him, he could have easily been abducted and could have easily been shot or become a drug dealer. But, that didn’t happen to him, he stayed safe he took school seriously but also had to take the street seriously at the same time. School might have been the best thing Coates could have done to pull himself away from the dangers of the streets and neighborhood, school kept him safe and allowed him to chart a new path to greatness. Coates had a harder time growing up because he was battling race and prejudice growing up, out of Coates and Rose, Coates was more likely to have become part of the streets than Rose. Coates uses this analogy to describe what racism is and how he thinks it was created.  “But race is the child of racism, not the father.”(pp.7) The but in the sentence refers to a sentence in the paragraph above “In this way, racism is rendered as the innocent daughter of Mother Nature…”(pp.7)How these two quotes link together is such a complex and deep topic, the first sentence gives us the idea that Racism came before race and the daughter of mother nature is Racism. This is a very complex sentence to think with, it’s hard to understand, Coates says everything that we think we know backwards and says it in such a way to get you to think about it.

What I’ve learned about Social and Personal identities has changed some of my thinking on how our different and diverse societies shape our social and personal identities. I never put much thought into it but the atmosphere we are raised in has a huge impact on how we act and what we think and that ultimately shapes our personal identity. The neighborhood that Coates grew up in and his race had a huge impact on how he grew up as well as his perspective on life. Rose didn’t have much trouble because he didn’t struggle with race and his parents had enough money to be able to provide him with gifts to spur his creativity. What Rose had growing up was opportunity and fewer weights holding him down, from Coates perspective he didn’t have much opportunity if he wanted opportunity he had to work for it and I mean really work hard for it. These readings gave me a new perspective on how our social identity is created, it’s not only created by your friends and the people you hang out with it’s shaped by the society you are raised in, your social identity becomes your personal identity.

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