My specific steps

Paper 3 feedback and what I plan to do for improvement:

What I am going to do better on the next paper is, use better context and better connect my ideas with the essential questions, as well as make sure you see the properly formatted paper, word press doesn’t translate my MLA formatting over when I copy and paste. I will also pay more attention to my comma errors. Overall I feel I need to better connect my writing with the essential questions to help stay on topic.

Integrating my ideas with others

Ryan DeLuca

Feb 14, 2019

ENG 123

Dr. Drown

Integrating my ideas with others

Reflection is very important when it comes to seeing if you’ve learned something. If you don’t look back at the lessons you’ve had how do you know that you have learned anything? When I write a paper, I do my best to bring other people’s ideas into my papers to either counter what I am saying or prove the point I am trying to make. Here is an example from the most recent paper I wrote for class,

“When someone covers their true self, the reason fluctuates with certain circumstances. Particularly, one form of covering is about hiding a minor part of your personality, which is less impactful than the second form, which involves hiding a part of your identity. An example of the first form is a job interview when you might feel the need to tone down your use of expletives. Essentially this is an example of adapting to the circumstance, hiding a part of your personality. An example of the second form of covering might happen to someone who is gay or lesbian who lives in a very religious society or community where everyone stigmatizes same-sex intimacy. To avoid being ousted, or in an extreme case beaten you would want to or need to “Cover” the idea that you have a liking toward someone of the same sex. Yoshino uses a famous example of real-world covering to emphasize that people in the spotlight cover too because they as well were afraid of the backlash it might have caused, “Long after they came out as Lesbians, Rosie O’ Donnell and Mary Cheney still covered, keeping their same-sex partners out of the public eye.” Even though Rosie O’ Donnell and Mary Cheney came out as Lesbians they still covered the fact that they had same-sex lovers simply because it was outside of what was the societal norm.

This is a great example of integrating my ideas with others, my examples are two opposites but have a common attribute they are covering for a reason, one person is hiding a part of their personality in order to get a job and the other person is hiding a part of their personal identity in order to fit in with normal society. The examples I brought in are examples that Yoshino uses in his article, he talked about Rosie O’ Donnell and Mary Cheney and how they hid that they were lesbians for years but eventually came out but also hid that they had same-sex partners for even longer because they feared the possibility of hate or even losing their careers.

Another example of Integrating my ideas with others would be in the first paper that was assigned, this one is about the “Toast story” a woman who made a name for herself and pushed past her disability to become a successful businesswoman.

“Once she finished college she had enough of being left in the dark by her small group of friends and getting kicked out by her landlords, so she started making a network of people she could become acquainted with, once she moved to China beach California and worked at a coffee shop for a little bit before starting her network. She thought if she had a big group of friends she wouldn’t be alone if a few of her friends left her. She got the idea of opening her own coffee shop from her boss and an old man who sunbathed in the same spot on China beach every day, she had made a friendship with this old man. After she finished working for the coffee shop she started making her presence known by just walking up to people and saying hi and introducing herself, she would eventually gather enough people she could count on and would borrow money to buy what used to be a former dog groomer to turn into her coffee shop. “She called the shop Trouble, in honor of all the people who helped her when she was in trouble.” Her shop became her identity in this small area of China beach California, and it was for a good reason she made this shop her identity, she stuck to the same schedule because she wanted people in her area to be able to recognize her and help her if she was having one of her episodes. People would recognize her as the owner of Trouble coffee and coconut club.”

This is more an example of me bringing in examples from the text to better explain the reason why this woman named her coffee shop “Trouble” and why she started a coffee shop in the first place. This example isn’t as fine-tuned as the first but it was my best effort, a trial and error situation. When I was looking to better integrate my ideas with other I took into consideration what I did wrong with the first essay about the “Toast Story” and what I could improve in when integrating my ideas with other. It was easier integrating my ideas with others in the second essay with Yoshino, I feel like there was more to talk about in the “Covering” topic.

Reading -Reflection

Ryan DeLuca

Feb 11, 2019

Eng 123

Dr. Drown


When I am reading an essay that was assigned to read I read it once without out doing anything to it and then I re-read the entire piece with my highlighter and pen. What I do with the highlighter is I highlight important segments in the paragraph that may have some significance to them and then with the pen I write why I highlighted that specific segment in the paper. Sometimes I re-read my highlighting to see if it was actually important and I underline with my pen if I over highlighted a certain part of the paragraph. I find this way effective because I find concepts that I may have missed the first time I read it. Reading this way also helps me figure out what is important and what isn’t important, sometimes if I try and read and do the highlighting without reading it first I highlight some stuff that might not have been as important as something else a little further down on the page. It keeps me from over highlighting. When it comes to integrating my ideas with others I think I do that fairly well, I believe I incorporate quotations from the readings that are relevant to the point I am trying to get across. The amount of annotating I do I don’t think is enough because I have a hard time finding a concept that I may have highlighted but because I didn’t write next to it I have trouble trying to go back and find it.

My informal writing is usually a good length, I don’t like them to be too long because If I was reading it I wouldn’t want the paper to be very long, I try my best to get my point across without the paper being too long. My depth usually depends on the subject, if I am trying to write about identity and the consequences I will go very in-depth, But If I am writing about a circumstances where someone might want to cover their identity I don’t have to go really in depth with that, I can just give a topic sentence and example on the significance, then tell why and be done with it. When I am writing try and make everything in the paper useful to read I don’t like to include anything that doesn’t go along with the whole topic of the paper.