Eagle Observation 6


  • Looks like its windy
  • One parent is in the nest, the baby eagles are HUGE
  • The baby eagles are growing their adult feathers
  • Parent Eagle is looking around make sure nothing is going to sneak up on them.
  • The baby eagles are trying to sleep
  • End: 9:21

Eagle Observations 5

start 9:00am

  • Mother eagle is standing up looking around, no sign of the chicks
  • Looks like its windy and sunny
  • One of the chicks popped their head up when the father eagle flew by
  • Baby eagles are getting big, not sure we can call them babies anymore
  • Mother eagle is picking at something laying in the nest, looks like a dead animal
  • not much action just a lot of wind and looking around
  • End 9:18

Eagle Cam Observations 3

Start: 9:50 pm

Both eagles are in the nest

The Chicks are moving around underneath their momma

The male eagle is perched on the branch behind the nest keeping watch

The birds seem to be annoyed about the bugs flying in their faces

The chick is up and looking around

one of the chicks is staring directly at the camera

Momma eagle is grooming one of the chicks

Chicks settled down and went back to sleep

End 10:05

Eagle Cam Observations

Start: 9:00 pm

  • Eagle is awake looking around
  • There are feathers all over the nest
  • Eagle is sitting on the babies keeping them warm
  • A lot of buffering
  • Not much action the chick was sleeping and still waiting on the other chick to hatch.

End: 9:17 pm

Eagle cam

Eagle Cam Observations

Start 7:40 pm

  • Looks like the mother eagle is sleeping
  • It looks like there might be an eggshell in the left side of the nest
  • There is only one eagle in the nest at the moment
  • Jann PittmanĀ from the live chat has a short fuse
  • 7:51, a big gust of wind
  • Garry from live chat said goodnight
  • Eagle picked her head up and shook it and looked around
  • Eagle readjusted sleeping position

End 7:55 pm