Movement at UNE – Revised

Ryan DeLuca

April 21, 2019

ENG 123

Dr. Drown

Movements are started when a bunch of people agree with what you are trying to accomplish when trying to advertise the movement. When the civil rights movement started it started with a group of people who thought the same thing, then as word got out that they were protesting civil rights people who agreed with their protest joined the cause to show their support.

For a movement to be started at the University of New England I don’t think would be very difficult, a majority of the UNE community I feel have very similar views on certain subjects such as Race. If one person were to be racially profiled on campus I believe some sort of action would be taken to do something about the person who racially profiled that person. For there to be a protest on campus about one person being racially profiled I think it would be difficult to start a movement just from a single incident, people don’t like to act the first time it happens people like to act after it happens multiple times because after a racial incident has happened multiple times in a week or month then people start to see that something is wrong and we should start doing something about it. With that said in order for there to be a movement over anti-racism, the community at UNE would have to see a problem with racism on campus, and since there is such a small percentage of black students on campus I think the community would have a hard time seeing a problem because the black community at UNE is so small so they don’t really have a huge voice.

To counter what I just said, having the black community so small it could have the opposite effect since the black population is small and is mixed with the predominantly white community I think they could easily get people together to start a movement for anti-racism. The black community’s voice may be small because of small numbers, they made friends with a large portion of the white community which amplifies their voice by adding numbers to the anti-racism movement. The types of issues I think the movement would run into is skepticism, people thinking that there isn’t a race problem, so they will just ignore the activist. We would use examples of racists acts that happened as examples to show that there is a problem. A social habit we would promote equality and inclusiveness, we would promote that everyone should practice including everyone regardless of race for any activity. If you see someone sitting by themselves don’t profile them and watch them sit alone invite him or her over to sit with you, you never know you might just make a lifelong friend by being inclusive. We would also promote that everyone gets treated with an equal attitude as well as be put on equal ground so everyone has an equal chance at being successful.

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  1. Hi Ryan,

    Do we need a local incident at UNE (like the incidents Kyle Korver reacts to) to get an anti-racist movement started? Or could one get started by better understanding the way race shapes opportunity in a place like UNE?

    Coates might suggest that less dramatic but not less impactful incidents are likely happening at UNE, but that the “dream world” that people who are raced white prevents us from seeing them or understanding them as racist. How might that point of view shape your sense of how to start and grow an anti-racist movement at UNE?

    Who should lead such a movement here at UNE?

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