Movement at UNE

Ryan DeLuca

April 21, 2019

ENG 123

Dr. Drown

Movements are started when a bunch of people agree with what you are trying to accomplish when trying to advertise the movement. When the civil rights movement started it started with a group of people who thought the same thing, then as word got out that they were protesting civil rights people who agreed with their protest joined the cause to show their support.

For a movement to be started at the University of New England I don’t think would be very difficult, a majority of the community at UNE I feel have very similar views on issues involving the environment for example and problems with the ocean. If One person were to start a protest to protest plastic straws on campus I think at first all the marine science peeps would be a part of the movement. Then once word gets around that there is a protest on plastic straws people that are outside of the marine science department would join if they believe in the cause and would gradually get bigger. But if the protest was for something that affected a majority of the student body and faculty and staff such as parking then I think everyone would join in. One person would have to start a protest or demonstration and since the issue affects basically everyone who has a car on campus at the university the turn out would be massive.

In order for a movement to be started it has to affect a majority of the people in the community or a majority in the community need to see the benefit of joining, what is the out come going to be. If people in the community don’t see the benefit in the movement or if the movement doesn’t affect them then people won’t join, If the movement were to affect them such as the parking movement for example then people would be more apt to show their support because it would directly affect anyone who has a car on campus.

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  1. From the assignment: “Write a 600 word informal essay explaining what it would take to start and grow an anti-racist movement here at UNE, considering the implications of the fact that UNE is a “mostly white space.””

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