Krover – Privileged

Ryan DeLuca

April 18, 2019

Eng 123

Dr. Drown

In the Krover essay I see string ties at work at the beginning of the essay working towards the middle of the essay, he talks about his friend ship with Thabo and how he is close to him and how they have each other’s backs and supports him through anything. Krover also talked about his relationship with his team and how he supports all of them 100% and has all of their backs. The social habit Krover is trying to do away with is that race isn’t a big issue and that his black team mates have the same privileges as he does. At the beginning of the essay he talks about how his first thoughts of his friends arrest and injury wasn’t “Is he okay” but were actually “What was Thabo doing out at a night club on a back to back?” he didn’t give the thought that it was race related because if it were Krover in that situation Krover probably wouldn’t have had an injury or been charged with anything.

The ways Krover is going about making these changes in his social habits are by changing his thinking and we’ll put it the way he put it, “Shut up and listen”, Krover says after hearing about the experiences of his team mates his eyes and ears opened and after that he knew he had to stop talking and start listing to better understand the issues his black co-workers are facing when it comes to racial incidents on the basketball court and outside of the basketball court.

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