Blackness project V. Whiteness project

Ryan DeLuca

April 9th, 2019

ENG 123

Dr. Drown

The way black people and white people think about racism in America come from two very different perspectives. White people know racism in America is a thing but they don’t think it’s as big of an issue as it actually is but there is a wide spectrum of opinions, but I believe a majority do not think about how black people have had to change the way they live to avoid being a victim of racial unjust. One person from a program called “The Whiteness Project” thinks that there isn’t a big issue simply because they doesn’t see black people as black people only as people, her name is Sarah, she says “I don’t really see people as black, Asian, Hispanic, or white it’s kind of like, boy, girl, 25, 15, you know its just people to me”. In her mind race isn’t something that she takes seriously because she doesn’t see any issues with, she adds, “When me and my friend who is a different race and I tell her I don’t see a difference, I feel like she gets mad at me for something I can’t control.” Part of the issue with millennials now is they are so naïve and close minded that they fail to see the big picture of racism. From a black persons perspective racism and race in general is a big part of their lives and shapes the way they show them selves in public, black people that are in professions such as doctors especially doctors who deal with the public every day feel that certain white people think blacks cant be doctors or can’t be nurses, so black people work harder and make them selves look over the top professional in order to be recognized as a professional in their field.

To supplement “The Whiteness Project” a group people produced a program called “The Blackness Project”, this was created by blacks to show case their opinions on racism in America. They share their opinions on what they think about “The Whiteness project” and they share what they think is wrong with our current social system. One man named Juan Shared his opinion on “The Whiteness Project” he says, “If they were trying to be sincere I commend them, but I believe they’re shunned from, I can’t say reality because it’s their reality, you can’t judge someone for the world that they live in.” Juan understands the people from “The whiteness project” were raised in a different reality than him, he doesn’t agree with most of what was said in “The Whiteness Project” but he seems to have an understanding of how white people think and act. Another opinion of “the whiteness project” comes from a woman named Lakisha she says, “The whiteness project was a bunch of ignorance, it was basically people talking about things that they really had no knowledge about.” One thing that is a reality for black people is how much harder they have to work to only achieve half as much recognition, Another person from the blackness project named Verniece calls out this issue by saying “If you go into a bunch of folks, you’ll realize that we work just as hard if not harder, because often times my grandfather said you gotta be twice as good in order to get half the credit.” White people from “The Whiteness Project” don’t really acknowledge this issue, some think blacks have the same change of becoming successful as them when in some areas of America, the system doesn’t work for them it works against them.

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