Reading -Reflection

Ryan DeLuca

Feb 11, 2019

Eng 123

Dr. Drown


When I am reading an essay that was assigned to read I read it once without out doing anything to it and then I re-read the entire piece with my highlighter and pen. What I do with the highlighter is I highlight important segments in the paragraph that may have some significance to them and then with the pen I write why I highlighted that specific segment in the paper. Sometimes I re-read my highlighting to see if it was actually important and I underline with my pen if I over highlighted a certain part of the paragraph. I find this way effective because I find concepts that I may have missed the first time I read it. Reading this way also helps me figure out what is important and what isn’t important, sometimes if I try and read and do the highlighting without reading it first I highlight some stuff that might not have been as important as something else a little further down on the page. It keeps me from over highlighting. When it comes to integrating my ideas with others I think I do that fairly well, I believe I incorporate quotations from the readings that are relevant to the point I am trying to get across. The amount of annotating I do I don’t think is enough because I have a hard time finding a concept that I may have highlighted but because I didn’t write next to it I have trouble trying to go back and find it.

My informal writing is usually a good length, I don’t like them to be too long because If I was reading it I wouldn’t want the paper to be very long, I try my best to get my point across without the paper being too long. My depth usually depends on the subject, if I am trying to write about identity and the consequences I will go very in-depth, But If I am writing about a circumstances where someone might want to cover their identity I don’t have to go really in depth with that, I can just give a topic sentence and example on the significance, then tell why and be done with it. When I am writing try and make everything in the paper useful to read I don’t like to include anything that doesn’t go along with the whole topic of the paper.

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