End of semester reflection paper

Ryan DeLuca

November 27, 2018

ENG 122

Professor Drown


When I first thought about college reading and writing my first thought that came to mind was, “The professor is going to be fast pace and assign an unmanageable amount of hw”. That is just not the case, my initial thought was all wrong the professor didn’t assign an unmanageable amount of homework but assigned a manageable amount of reading and writing that was well balanced and worked well with my other workloads to help not feel overwhelmed. The habits I used in high school have worked moderately well but haven’t been working 100% as they did in high school. In other classes my old habits haven’t been working as well as they did in high school, for example, working on assignments the last min is a common one as well as underestimating the amount of work I actually have to do and not giving myself enough time to complete the assignment with the quality the professor is looking for.

When it first came to reading and writing on the college level I didn’t have much knowledge about college reading and writing, so for the most part of came into college with a clean slate for whatever my professors want to teach me about reading and writing. I did keep some of the old rules about writing that I have tried to escape but kept getting roped back in, those rules originate from the five-paragraph essay. The rules of the five-paragraph essay are, you have a thesis and then you find three supporting arguments and have an intro and conclusion. In some ways the wringing I have been doing for ENG 122 are similar, we have an intro and conclusion, but we ditched the thesis and three supporting arguments. What we do is we have an essential question which the thesis would be, but instead of having three supporting arguments we have an assortment of sub-questions that help answer the essential question.

The experience of having to leave what I have learned in high school wasn’t too disheartening or difficult, having to leave the old way of writing wasn’t too hard for me because I didn’t always follow the standard five-paragraph essay format, I usually did something similar to what we have been doing this semester but I always answered the thesis statement and included my three supporting facts while writing my own way, that is part of the reason I didn’t do well on some papers because I didn’t follow the standard curriculum for writing a high school essay. The experience of developing the new 7 habits of a creative mind has been an experience, some of the habits I already had developed before coming to college such as Openness to new ideas and persistence. Throughout this semester I have exemplified the action of an open-minded learner by for example I was open-minded when the professor told the class to go and find a conversational topic that has two sides. This was in response to a reading on “Joining the conversation” that starts on page 21 of habits of a creative mind. The conversational topic I chose was Gas v. Electric cars, I created a pro and cons outline of this conversation topic looking at both side and see what people had to say about Gas v. Electric vehicles. I never looked at something like this before this was a new way of thinking that I was willing to give a try and really enjoyed using this new way of thinking to look at both sides of the argument and see what everyone has to say.

Another habit I already had developed before coming to college was persistence. I always persisted through assignment even though they might have been boring or may not be related to my field of study. In ENG 122 the way I exhibited persistence in class wasn’t in class where everyone could see, it was in the comfort of my bed with all my papers and a pen. This is where I persisted through all my work as well as get it done in a timely manner while also keeping up with quality.

At the beginning of the semester, the class was assigned an article to read and annotate, we were directed to find a topic in the article that interested us as well as ask questions about the topic of interest. We also were supposed to ask a BIG question to base the upcoming paper around, so we could use the questions we asked to answer the BIG essential question. Some challenges I ran into during this assignment were trying to find a topic that was interesting to me in the article that was assigned, this was the first assignment where the professor asked us to do this activity so I was a little confused at first but after a class or two I started to understand the assignment and started to get on track.

Another issue I ran into while working on the first creative writing assignment trying to find something that interested me enough to ask decent questions. This was difficult at first because at the beginning of the article nothing really caught my eye, but once I got to the middle of the article things started to get interesting. What I found interesting was found on page twenty of an Animals Place written by a man named Micheal Pollan, he wrote an article about his reading an article by another man named Peter Singer. Peter Singer wrote an article about farm animals being abused in the food industry and is trying to tell people to go vegan or racist. Pollan is reading this article while eating a stake open to what Singer has to say about the meat industry. What I found interesting was when Singer started talking about how animals have feelings and can feel pain and suffering like humans but then Pollan mentions a man he talked to named “Daniel C. Dennet a philosopher, He believes animals contain the ability to feel pain but not all contain the ability to suffer.” If I am remembering correctly my essential question was so complex I wasn’t able to answer it, so I had to reword to make it easier to answer. Once I found what interested me the assignment went a lot quicker and was a lot easier to complete.

Some of the issues I ran into while writing about “Why are we so fat” was trying to figure out whether obesity in America was caused by people’s inability to control their cravings or if it was caused by genetics. My question was “If “fast food” is so unhealthy for people to consume, why doesn’t the Food and Drug Administration as well as the C.D.C intervein, and come up with national nutritional standards for fast food and other food companies to follow?” I had a hard time answering this question because it was very complicated I tried my best to answer this question by asking a bunch of sub-questions leading up to this question, I didn’t give a good answer for the essential question for why are we so fat, it wasn’t because the article wasn’t interesting I actually found this article very interesting I just had a hard time creating an answer to my question.

For the Final article, I chose to read “The case against civilization” and the idea the article gave me was to compare nomadic societies’ and how they compared to modern societies’. I had a lot of difficulties trying to find something that interested me while reading this article the beginning of the article wasn’t very interesting but once I got past the middle and got towards the end the author of “The case Against Civilization” by John Lanchester he started talking about societies that haven’t modernized and how the modern societies almost force the tribes to become part of their society or they will be pushed out of their territory. Once I found this topic of interest it started to get easier to find questions to ask as I got deeper into my google searches.

During this writing class, it is hard to tell everything I have learned since I have learned so much. I will only explain a few of the mistakes I have learned from, the first mistake I learned from in English 122 is to pay attention to my formatting and make sure my paper doesn’t reflect a five-paragraph essay unless my professor says otherwise. The second mistake I learned from in this class was to always do the reading and to try and take as much info from the reading as possible, at first, I wasn’t doing the reading in as much depth as I am now, and it makes a huge difference in the level of attention you give an assignment. One of the writing habits I will need to work on is my connecting, in my papers I haven’t been connecting my ideas to where I got them from, for example in my Why are we so fat essay I didn’t connect much of what I was writing about to the actual article. In my pollen essay, I did the most connecting, I think that happened because my essay was based a lot around the article and I need details from the article to make my arguments clearer. Procrastination is something I do and I try my best to stay on task but sometimes it just happens, usually, if I find a YouTube video or something more interesting I will watch the video first and then move in to finishing my assignment. Moving onto to my reading habits, I definitely need to work on my speed, I am a slowish reader and I would love to be able to read much faster. Over winter break I do plan on reading a book or two to work on my reading level.

Nomadic Societies and how they compare to Modern Societies

Ryan DeLuca

November 15, 2018

Professor Drown

English 122

Nomadic Societies and how they compare to Modern Societies

When it comes to normal modern societies we have it all, we can go where ever whenever we want. If we want something to eat we just go to the store and buy it after we have done our part in society to earn a paycheck. But what about other societies? Other societies meaning Nomadic societies. How do these societies work in coalition with modern societies? Do modern societies influence how these nomadic societies operate? How do these nomadic societies operate?

In the world, there is an assortment of different societies. According to Yolanda Williams from the online anthropology program, there are six diverse types of societies, they are Hunter and Gathering, Pastoral, Horticultural, Agricultural, Industrial and finally Post-industrial. The society I would like to go in depth with is, Hunter and Gathering societies because that society is in many different climates and has the most diversity among all the societies in the world. How hunter and gathering societies operated is almost the same as how a modern society operates. The hunter and gathering societies are nomadic which means they move around a lot, these nomadic peoples haven’t discovered how to domesticate animal’s so they don’t have animal farms allowing these people to move from one place to another as the conditions change. The nomadic people will find a place to settle for a short time gathering and hunting everything in a close proximity, once the resources stop being abundant and they can’t find anything to gather anymore they move onto a new area. But how do these communities know where to move? The nomads will acquire a large amount of territory in multiple different areas where they know there were resources prier. What these nomads will do is, they will hunt and gather on one area of their territory while the others are fallow for however many years it would take for the territory to replenish its self. But in some nomadic tribes migrate with the changing of seasons, some might live by the ocean during the spring and summer months when fishing is good, but then migrate inland to when hunting is good during the cold winter months. The web page Britannica says some nomadic tribes grow crops, and these tribes move around when once the grounds nutrients have been depleted. These tribes aren’t a settled people by any means.

When it comes to hunting in certain nomadic societies, for example, the Ju/’hoansi bushman tribe located in South Africa like to keep everything equal when it comes to men and killing the biggest game. This particular tribe uses what they call “Insulting the meat”, this keeps whoever killed the biggest game from thinking he is better than everyone and according to James Suzman who spent several years studying this tribe says “The insults are designed to cool his heart and make him gentle.” This is a good strategy for small tribes to keep from making people power hungry, this strategy is a lot different to what the ancient Romans used, the ancient Romans would encourage their sons to be bigger, better and strong than all the others in order to build up their ego to shape them into a fierce warrior. The bushman tribes don’t care about their men being fierce warriors they just want the men to have gentle souls, and if they need to fight they will do so with their heart.

Nomads didn’t have much social interaction with anyone outside their tribe, these tribes hunted as well as made food for their own and by my research tribes didn’t do much trading amongst one-another they are very tribe oriented and care mostly about making enough food for the people inside the tribe.

In modern society people act in a similar way when it comes to family people usually put them first. Most people in modern society are very family oriented and would do anything for them, but it’s not to the same extent as what it would have been like in a nomadic tribe. A nomadic tribe member would have to go hunt in the woods to provide for their family and sometimes that would take hours or even days. In modern society we can just go to the store and pick up some food for the night in a matter of a couple hours or less. Food in the modern society as well has evolved, we pack so many calories into our food its stupid, we can eat a candy bar the size of a big iPhone and it would be enough calories for a day

People in the modern age don’t move much and that not a huge surprise to us, but to a tribe member that would seem a little outlandish to see a child sitting on the couch and not out in the field collecting leaves for basket weaving. In tribes sitting and watching was designated for the elderly as well as the sick. But sitting isn’t the only sedentary think we modern people do another sedentary think modern people settle. A lot of modern society people settle in one spot and stay there for a while and often times don’t move but certain groups in modern society move around a lot and that is very different than a nomadic tribe. In a nomadic society, they all move around a lot, but in a modern society, only certain less fortunate groups get to move around a lot, such as the poor or younger people trying to figure stuff out.

When it comes to roles in the community this is where nomadic societies and modern societies are different but similar at the same time. What is different is the nomadic societies assign tasks to people in their community by gender and age, men will do the hunting and coach the boys on the proper ways to hunt. A woman will be given the task of gathering supplies for the community such as water, eatable plants, and basket weaving materials. The woman also teaches the girls how to carry water over their head as well as what plant are and aren’t eatable. In a way, this is woman suppuration woman aren’t allowed to hunt and fish in the community and they have no choice but to accept their role within the community. But in another way, it is giving a woman the most important role in the community without woman men wouldn’t be able to gather water and hunt, men wouldn’t be able to fish and gather eatable plant. There is two way you can look at that, woman suppuration or men assigning woman some of the most important roles in the community.

In modern society, roles between men and woman are virtually non-existent. Men can take what would have formally been a woman role and woman can take what would have been a man’s role. Today we don’t have the type of role we needed in the past, we don’t need men to go out and hunt for dinner, we don’t need a woman to travel miles to gather water. In a modern society, we have everything ready to go for us, we can drive to the store and gather whatever our heart desires and then drive to our settlement in our motorized vehicle. We don’t exercise the “Insulting the meat” kind of equality, everyone in the modern society is on his or her own schedule and they intend to stick to it. We have different groups in our society, the poor, the middle class and the ultra-rich. Not everyone is on an equal playing field in our modern society, the ultrarich have everything and get there way. The middle class doesn’t have everything they want but enough to make them happy and the poor don’t have much.

Nomadic societies compared to Modern societies are very similar and very different in certain ways. They have common attributes when it comes to physically move around but differ when it comes to where to settle next. Sedentism is a good word to describe modern society, most of our population don’t move around a lot because we have developed a very complex society where we have stores that are full of supplies we will need. The modern society has become so complex we have developed government to provide for us and to keep us safe from threats.



















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Draft for The Case Againt Civilization

Ryan DeLuca

November 10, 2018

The Case Against Civilization


While I continued reading my article “The case against Civilization” I came across a couple of statements that made me ask a few questions or stop and think about what it meant. The first one was “Precious scholarship held that the invention of agriculture made sedentism possible.” My first question after I read this was What is “Sedentism”? When I started my google search what I wrote in the search bar was “what is sedentism” and as all google searched it came up with millions of possible websites you might want to visit, I clicked in the third one down to see what they had for me and they gave me a definition “Sedentism refers to the decision made first by humans at least 12,000 years ago to start living in groups for long periods of time”. This made me think some more about sedentism and what groups still uses sedentism today. The article also stated that “Settling down, picking a place and living in it permanently for at least part of the year, is partially but not entirely related to how a group gets required resources—gathered and grown food, stone for tools, and wood for housing and fires.” Sedentism doesn’t go with the entirety of the word sedentary which means not to move very often. This definition makes me think that these, hunter-gather groups didn’t live in one place permanently but move around when it may have become difficult to find resources within a reasonable distance of the settlement.

When the article mentioned the word hunter-gatherers it made me think of the movie 10,000 BC, that movie is based on a hunter-gatherer tribe that hunts mammoths and they’ve chosen to settle in an environment that is rocky and mountainous that also has long cold winters. For these people to survive the winter they need to kill and mammoth or two. When they kill a mammoth they take the skin and make jackets as well as covers for their huts, and by what I see in the movie they also use the bones to make their huts. I might have to go and find this movie in my collection and watch it again.


I am continuing to add to this.

Creative Reading

Ryan DeLuca

November 8, 2018

Informal Essay


When I was reading my article that I have chosen to read for class I came across a sentence that both irritated me and confused me. That sentence is “Soap prevented more deaths than penicillin. That’s technology, not science.” The reason this irritated me and also confused me was because I thought there was a chemistry involved with soap so the author of the article whose name is John saying that “soap isn’t science, it’s a technology” made me go on a rampaging journey through the internet to prove myself right. I was right, the recipe that makes soap is a chemical reaction when they boil certain molecules together the chemical formula is NaOH which means they made soap by combining Sodium, oxygen and hydrogen molecules. Another sentence that through me a punch was when John said this “We don’t give the technology of fire enough credit”. This one really made me mad really scratch my head and re think this dudes science experience because fire is also chemistry. Fire is caused by a chemical reaction called “Combustion” this combustion is the transformation of the molecules, the chemical formula for fire is CH4 + 2O2 — CO2 + 2H2O. The object John is saying are technology and not science are actually Science and not technology.

Post Confrence Report #2

Ryan DeLuca

October 29, 2018

Professor Drown

Post Conference report

A few weeks ago, we had our first conference, so you could tell me how I was performing in the class. The first one went well, and it was everything I originally thought the conference would be. The second conference didn’t go exactly how I had thought it was going to go but it was on track to where my anticipation had brought me. The ways the meeting didn’t go the way I had thought were in the skills that I had underperformed in this time around. My previous paper that used a different article had gone better in my opinion because the paper stayed connected with the article that I had read. That was not the case with the most previous paper. At the beginning of the paper, it was connected with the article that my question had originated but tapered off as I got toward the middle of my paper and then mentioned the article again towards the end. I had forgotten to do a few of the things that I had done right in the first paper with the second one we did in the second such as, not making the paper look like the average five-paragraph essay. After we got past the writing process part of the meeting we moved towards engagement in the course. This part of the meeting went the same as the first one I don’t believe much changed other than my growth and dedication to wanting to learn more and my hunger to become a better student. Overall the meeting went well, these meetings are very informative as well as show you what you need to improve on and how you can improve on it.